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Balcony Solar Bracket
Balcony Solar System
Solar Roof Mounting System
Solar Carport​​​​​​​

Where Can We Use?

Ballast Solar Mounting System Step-by-step Installation

Don't know how to install a ballast solar mounting system?
Check this out!

Adjustable Solar Bracket Step-by-step Installation

It's hard to DIY an adjustable solar bracket? With Kseng Solar, it's actually pretty easy! 


We are continuously striving to improve the quality of our management systems that enables Kseng Solar to produce safe and reliable products while ensuring products and performance will be of customers satisfation.

A Leading R&D Manufacturer Of Solar Mounting System

Since the inception of 2015, Kseng Solar has a proven track record as the ideal racking brand for its strong engineering, manufacturing, and customer service capability. With its own manufacturing base to conduct strict quality control and numerous international standards accreditations, Kseng Solar has accomplished nearly 12.5GW of solar racking shipments by the end of 2023. It has ranked No.1 in Korean solar racking market and keeps the best annual growth rate for seven consecutive years in Japan’s solar racking market.

Won the annual photovoltaic bracket top ten brands

Won more than 100 utility model patents,with CE,TUV,ISO9001,UL,CPP certifications
There are overseas warehouses in Poland,Netherlands, which can deliver goods quickly and establish multinational overseas branches
The annual photovoltaic output is 10GW, and the product sales cover 100 countries around the world
Factory area of 35000 square meters

Provide You With Customized Solutions

Customize Your Solution

8.3KW - Solar Carport Solution in Serbia

Location: ChinaInstallation Date: 2022.8Generating Capacity: 200KW

1069.2kW - Ground Solar Solution in Japan

Location: JapanInstallation Date: 2022.12Generating Capacity: 1069.2

806.3kW - Rooftop Solar Solution in Korea

Location: KoreaInstallation Date: 2022.12Generating Capacity: 806.3kW

138kW - Solar Carport Solution in Japan

Location: JapanInstallation Date: 2022.12Generating Capacity: 138kW

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