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Solar Tracking System

Kseng Single axis solar tracking system is an advanced solar technology that allows solar photovoltaic panels to follow the path of the sun to maximise solar energy absorption and power generation efficiency. Below is an introduction to solar tracking systems and some key selling points:

Solar tracking systems work in the following ways:

Tracking mechanism: the system uses sensors and motors to track the position of the sun, ensuring that the solar panels always face the sun.

One Axis Solar Tracker: Most systems can move horizontally (azimuth) and vertically (elevation) to accommodate the movement of the sun across the sky.

Control System: A built-in control system automatically adjusts the position of the solar panels based on geographic location, date and time.

Structural Design: PV Tracking systems are typically constructed of durable materials to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Selling Points

Increased Efficiency: By constantly facing the sun, solar tracking systems can significantly increase the efficiency of the solar panels in generating electricity, typically by 20-40 per cent over fixed mounted systems.

Increased production: Due to the increased efficiency, the system can produce more electricity for the same solar panel area.

Reduced Costs: While the initial investment may be slightly higher, the increased power production reduces the cost per unit of power in the long run.

Automated operation: Automated tracking reduces the need for manual adjustment of solar panels and simplifies maintenance.

Adaptability: Systems can be customised for optimal performance in different geographical locations and climatic conditions.

Durable: High-quality materials and design ensure long-term stable operation and low maintenance needs of the system.

Environmentally friendly: By maximising the efficiency of solar power generation, it reduces reliance on traditional energy sources and helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Technologically advanced: Solar tracking systems represent the latest advances in solar technology, raising the bar for the entire solar power industry.

Return on Investment: For commercial and industrial users, increased electricity production can lead to a faster return on investment.

Policy support: Many governments and organisations offer financial incentives and support for solar projects using advanced technologies.

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