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Solar Ground Screw

Kseng Solar ground anchor screws are metal rods that are screwed into the ground to provide a stable support base for solar panels. They are typically made of high-strength steel and are hot-dipped galvanized to ensure good corrosion resistance and durability. Ground anchor screws can be used in different types of ground conditions, including slopes, sand, soft soil, deserts and mountains.

Selling Points

Quick installation:The Solar ground screws can be screwed directly into the ground with a special ground anchor screw driver, which greatly reduces the installation time.

Adaptable: Suitable for uneven ground, such as slopes, etc. It is able to realize installation in various ground conditions.

Durability: Made of Q235 standard carbon steel material and hot dip galvanized surface treatment, it has over 10 years of corrosion and rust resistance.

Adjustability: Some of the Ground Anchor Screws are designed with an adjustable flange, allowing the installer to adjust the height of the Ground Anchor Screws as needed to accommodate different installation needs.

Stability: Ground anchor screws provide a sturdy foundation that helps keep solar panels stable, especially in areas subject to wind and snow loads.

Environmentally Friendly: Compared to traditional installations that require concrete blocks to be poured on-site, ground anchor screws do not require concrete blocks, reducing the impact on the environment.

Economic benefits: Due to the fast installation and low maintenance costs, ground anchor screws can bring economic benefits to solar projects.

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