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1069.2kW - Ground Solar Solution in Japan

Location: Japan

Installation Date: 2022.12

Generating Capacity: 1069.2

Japan Solar Ground Mounting System Project of 1069.2 KW: Innovative Technology Helps Green Energy Development

Japan, a country constantly exploring the field of renewable energy, has recently completed a solar ground mounting system project with an installed capacity of 1,069.2 kilowatts, which not only demonstrates Japan's latest achievements in the application of solar energy technology, but also reflects its strong determination to promote the development of green energy.

Project Overview

Located in an open area of Japan, this project utilizes an innovative ground-mounted system technology that can adapt to the changing climatic conditions and terrain of the region. 1069.2 kW of installed capacity means that the project can provide a large amount of clean electricity to the grid each year, while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

Technological Innovation

The solar ground mounting system used in the project is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is not only lightweight but also highly durable and able to withstand wet and windy climates. In addition, the design of the racking system allows the solar panels to be tilted east-west, south-north, and north-south depending on the position of the sun, maximizing solar energy absorption and improving power generation efficiency.

Environmental and Social Benefits

The implementation of the project has had a positive impact on environmental protection and social development in Japan. By using solar energy as a clean energy source, the project not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also promotes the development of the local economy, provides employment opportunities for local residents, and raises public awareness of the importance of renewable energy.

Market Prospects

As the global demand for renewable energy continues to grow, the solar market in Japan is also expanding. The government's support and the market's push have led to the growing importance of solar energy projects in Japan. the successful implementation of the 1069.2 kW ground-mounted system project will further promote the development and application of solar energy technology in Japan.

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