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138kW - Solar Carport Solution in Japan

Location: Japan

Installation Date: 2022.12

Generating Capacity: 138kW

Japan's Solar Carport Racking System Project 138KW: A Combination of Environmental Protection and Innovation

Japan, a country constantly exploring the fields of technological innovation and environmental protection, recently welcomed a solar carport racking system project with an installed capacity of 138 kW. This project not only provides green energy to the local community, but also demonstrates the innovative application of solar technology in public facilities.

Project Features

Located in a residential parking lot in Japan, this project utilizes the latest solar carport racking technology. This technology not only provides a solid parking space, but also serves the dual function of providing shade and electricity to vehicles through the integration of solar panels. the installed capacity of 138 kW, although relatively small, is cleverly designed to reflect the importance of environmentally friendly and efficient use of resources.

Technical Innovation

The design of the solar carport racking system takes full account of Japan's climatic conditions and parking needs. The bracket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy to ensure the stability and durability of the structure. The mounting angles of the solar panels are carefully calculated to adapt to local sunlight conditions and maximize solar energy absorption.

Environmental and Social Benefits

The implementation of the project has had a positive impact on environmental protection and social development in Japan. By using solar energy, a clean energy source, the project reduces reliance on traditional energy sources and lowers carbon emissions. In addition, the solar carport provides a novel shading solution for the parking lot and increases the use value of the public facility.

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