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936.96KW - Solar Tracking System Case in Mexico

Location: Mexico

Generating Capacity: 936.96KW

Mexico Solar Tracking Racking System Project 936.96KW: Innovative Technology Helps Green Energy Development

Mexico, a sunny country, is becoming an ideal place for global solar power projects with its unique natural conditions. Recently, an installed capacity of 936.96 kilowatts of solar tracking racking system project in Mexico has attracted widespread attention. This project not only demonstrates Mexico's ambition in the field of solar energy, but also marks the further promotion and application of photovoltaic tracking technology worldwide.

Project Overview

The project adopts advanced single-axis tracking technology, which is capable of tracking the sun's movement in real time. By adjusting the angle of the PV modules, it maximizes the reception of solar radiation, thus significantly improving power generation efficiency. Compared to traditional fixed mounts, the tracking mount system is able to increase the overall power generation of a PV power system by 15% to 20%. The application of this technology makes it possible to improve energy utilization efficiency while also reducing operating costs, bringing both economic and environmental benefits to the local area.

Technical Advantages

The advantage of the single-axis tracking system is its flexibility and efficiency. It automatically adjusts the angle of the PV panels according to changes in the position of the sun, ensuring that the panels are always facing the sun, thus maximizing solar energy absorption. In addition, the design of this system also takes into account the impact of disaster weather. Through the application of tracking technology, it enables the solar panels to adjust their angle at any time, reducing the impact of natural disasters on power generation efficiency.

Social Impact

The implementation of the 936.96KW solar tracking racking system project in Mexico promotes energy independence and sustainable development in the region. This will not only help alleviate the local power shortage problem, but will also boost the economic development of the Baja California region in northern Mexico and the surrounding areas.

Market Outlook

With the growing global demand for renewable energy, photovoltaic tracking systems are becoming a common choice for the construction of photovoltaic power plants around the world. The Mexican government's strong support for the construction of new energy sources, as well as Mexico's abundant solar energy resources, bodes well for the country's huge potential of the PV market.

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