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Intersolar Europe 2024 - Kseng Solar Presented Pioneering Solar Racking Solutions in Germany

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On June 19, Intersolar Europe 2024, the prestigious annual solar energy expo, kicked off in Munich, with Kseng Solar making a resounding impact. At the three-day expo, Kseng Solar presented a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solar racking solutions for utility-scale, C&I, and residential scenarios, sparking lively discussions and collaborative engagements on-site.


Driving Carbon Zero with All-Scenario Solar Racking Solutions

Kseng Solar’s booth was buzzed with visitors eager to explore our all-scenario solar racking solutions, covering Tile Roof Solar Solution, KST Solar Tracker, Easy Solar Kit/Bracket, Ballast Roof Solar Solution, Ground Roof Solar Solution. These offerings not only drew significant attention but also demonstrated Kseng Solar’s capability to meet the varied demands in Europe, supported by our local branch and warehouse that ensure quick delivery.


Grand Debut of KS Quote

KS Quote, the new online roof design and quoting tool for pitched roof solar projects, made its grand debut at the expo. Compatible with a variety of tile roof types, KS Quote is designed for user convenience, featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies the client’s experience. This innovative tool highlights Kseng Solar's commitment to offering innovative solar racking solutions that cater to diverse needs.


Dedicated in providing solar racking and tracking systems provider since2015 and driven by the mission of “Empowering our world with clean energy”, Kseng Solar will continue our pursuit of innovative solar racking solutions and deeper localized services, driving the energy transition forward in Germany and wider Europe.

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