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Kseng Solar Brings Versatile Solar Racking Options to Korea at Green Energy Expo 2024

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From April 24-26, Green Energy Expo, South Korea’s largest solar event, took place in EXCO in Daegu. After one year, Kseng Solar made a triumphant return to the expo by showcasing its versatile solar racking solutions in C&I as well as residential solar sectors, emphasizing reliable, durable, and cost-effective solar racking systems tailored for diverse applications in Korea.


Presented Products

-      Solar Roof Mounting Solutions: Large gap roof mounting systems, Standing Seam Roof Mounting Systems, Triangle Flat Roof Mounting Systems

-      Solar Ground Mounting Solutions: Steel Ground Mounting System, Aluminum Ground Mounting System


With years of experience in the Korean market, Kseng Solar continues to meet the diverse demands of local customers. Having achieved cumulative shipments of 1.65GW and securing the top market share in the Korean aluminum solar racking market, Kseng Solar demonstrates its positive reception and commitment to the region. Its participation in the expo reaffirms its dedication to driving sustainable energy practices in South Korea and beyond.


Dedicated to providing solar racking and tracking systems since 2015 and driven by the mission of “Empowering our world with clean energy”, Kseng Solar will continue to provide cutting-edge solar racking solutions and build a stronger local team, to support energy transition in Korea.

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