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EnerGaïa Forum 2023 - Kseng Solar Took a Leading Presence with Comprehensive Solar Racking Solutions

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December 13-14, EnerGaïa Forum was grandly opened in Montpellier, France, uniting leading minds advancing renewable energy across France and the European Union.Kseng Solar made a major splash with its latest solar racking solutions for diverse application scenarios, receiving significant attention from the visitors to the event. Kseng Solar's active participation in the expo and the establishment of branches in Europe is a clear reflection of its persistent commitment to local clients.

Kseng Solar Team in Forum

Presented Products

-      Easy Solar Bracket/Kit: Universal Easy Solar Bracket, Balcony Easy Solar Bracket

-      Solar Roof Mounting Solutions: Ballast Roof Mounting System, Tile Roof Mounting System, Metal Roof Mounting System

-      Solar Ground Mounting Solutions: Aluminum Ground Mounting System, Steel Ground Mounting System

-      Solar Carport Mounting System

Kesheng Solar booth at the exhibition

France targets solar for 48.1 GW of PV capacity by 2030 and 140 GW by 2050. To meet the 2030 goal, the government calls for the annual deployment of 3,700 MW to 5,500 MW of new PV systems. In response to the surging demand in France, Kseng Solar showcased its upfront solar racking solutions and comprehensive service during the expo. This initiative aligns with France's pursuit of an energy transition, and Kseng Solar is proud to play a part in this transformative journey.

Kesheng brand booth is explaining our products to customers

Dedicated to providing solar racking and tracking systems since 2015 and driven by the mission of “Empowering our world with clean energy”, Kseng Solar will accelerate the construction of a local service team and develop more advanced solar racking solutions, to better support the thriving market and accelerate the renewable energy transition in France and the wilder EU.

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