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Kseng RF0055 Aluminum Solar Roof Mounting Clamps

Solar Standing Seam Clamp
Rail-less solar mounting systems are installed using fewer components.

Advantages of a solar standing seam clamp include:

1. Secure attachment

2. Easy installation

3. Versatility

4. Durability

5. Aesthetics

6. Cost-effectiveness

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  • KSeng

  • KSeng-127

Product Description

Aluminum solar roof clamps are specially designed mounting hardware used to attach solar panels to pitched roofs without penetrating the roofing material.  They are a key component in solar panel installations, providing a secure and reliable connection between the panels and the roof structure.

solar roof clamp (1)

Product Name Kseng RF0055 Aluminum Solar Roof Mounting Clamps

Aluminum 6005-T5

Color  Silver


Warranty 10 Years Warranty, 20 Years Service Life
Brand name kseng


Rooftop solar panel mounting
Surface treatment Anodize


  1. High-Tech Enterprise: Specializes in research, production, sales, and service of Solar PV mounting systems.

  2. Quality Assurance: Products have passed stringent mechanical tests and hold multiple quality certifications.

  3. Wide Application: Applicable to various settings, including residential, commercial, and large-scale solar power stations.

  4. Global Reach: A significant market presence with products sold internationally.

  5. Cost-Effective: Committed to reducing costs for customers since its establishment.

  6. Customer-Focused: Provides high-quality products and excellent after-sale service.

Company Profile

Xiamen Kseng Metal Tech Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights.  Annual production capacity can reach 10GW.  Our company has obtained nearly 100 utility model patents. Our product structure design absolutely conforms to AS/NZS 1170 standard, JISC8955-2017 standard, European TUV test and SGS certification. We aim to provide safe, reliable and high quality technical solutions for customers and always adhere to the phrase, “Kseng Products, Be Trustworthy”.





  • Q: What types of roofs are the solar clamps suitable for? A: The solar clamps are designed for standing seam metal roofs and tin roofs, providing a secure and leak-free installation.

  • Q: Are there any certifications or standards the products adhere to? A: Yes, the products have passed rigorous mechanical testing and have obtained ISO9001:2000 Quality System approval, conforming to AS/NZS 117, JISC8955, and SGS standards.

  • Q: What is the warranty or service life of the solar roof clamps? A: While specific details are not provided in the summary, it is common for such products to come with a warranty and a service life of several years, reflecting their quality and durability.

  • Q: How do I know if these products are suitable for my specific project needs? A: For detailed solutions and quotations, you may need to provide specific project requirements such as panel dimensions, the number of panels, tilt angle, and local weather conditions like wind speed and snow load.

  • Q: What after-sale services are provided? A: The company promises excellent after-sale service, which likely includes support with installation, maintenance, and any issues that may arise after the purchase.

Payment method: support L/C, T/T, paypal

packing method: Standard export package. Using Carton, fumigated wood pallet and steel pallet.

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