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Universal Quick Installation Solar Adjustable Mid Clamp

Solar Mid Clamp
Advantages of Solar Mid Clamps:
1. Creative clamp mount by push into rails directly
2. Special clamp clip could offer adjustable height
3. Fast and simple installation, precise adjust height for roofs

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solar end clamp

solar end clamp

solar end clamp

solar end clamp

Product Name Universal Quick Installation Solar Adjustable Mid Clamp
Material AL6005-T5, SUS304/SUS410
Color  Black
Applicable module thickness 40mm
Certificate ISO9001 , CE,  etc
Warranty 10 Years Warranty, 20 Years Service Life
Brand name kseng
Adjustable height of hook 37mm
Module Framed
Surface treatment Anodized

Aluminum solar mid end clamp are important components used to secure solar panels in solar PV systems. They are usually mounted in the middle and side of the panel to ensure good contact between the panel and the roof by applying pressure, thus improving the stability and wind resistance of the panel.

solar end clamp

Advantages of Solar Mid Clamps:

LIGHTWEIGHT AND HIGH STRENGTH: Aluminum alloy makes the mid-side briquette both lightweight and strong enough for easy installation and transportation.

Corrosion resistance: The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy ensures the long-term use of the mid-side press in various climatic conditions.

Aesthetics: Aluminum mid end clamp typically have a simple design with a sleek appearance that harmonizes with solar panels and roofs.

Ease of installation: Designed with ease of installation in mind, making the installation process quick and efficient.

Adaptable: Suitable for a wide range of roof types, including tile roofs, metal roofs and flat roofs.

Adjustable: Some of the center side pressure blocks are designed with adjustable features to accommodate different thicknesses of panels and roofs.

Safety: By evenly distributing the pressure, it ensures that the panels are safely and stably mounted on the roof and reduces the risks caused by wind loads.

Durability: Aluminum alloy ensures the long-term durability of the mid-side pressure block, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.

Economy: Compared with other materials, aluminum alloy mid-side press block has a good cost performance.

Customized service: Customized service can be provided according to customer's special requirements

Company Profile

Xiamen Kseng Metal Tech Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights.  Annual production capacity can reach 6.55GW.  Our company has obtained nearly 100 utility model patents. Our product structure design absolutely conforms to AS/NZS 1170 standard, JISC8955-2017 standard, European TUV test and SGS certification. We aim to provide safe, reliable and high quality technical solutions for customers and always adhere to the phrase, “Kseng Products, Be Trustworthy”.





Q1:Product specification?

A1: Please provide the specific size and model number of the aluminum alloy solar mid end clamp you need.


A2:Please tell us the quantity you need to order.

Q3:Technical requirements?

A3:If there are any special technical or performance requirements, please explain in detail.

Q4:Application scenario?

A4:Please describe the specific scenarios or types of projects where these center side blocks will be used.

Q5:Delivery time?

A4:Please tell us your preferred delivery or shipment time.

Payment method: support L/C, T/T, paypal

packing method: Standard export package. Using Carton, fumigated wood pallet and steel pallet.

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